Economic and social development to promote and create jobs.

Commissioning of the abandoned land, working land under cultivation, all under a lease.

Providing all types of services related to agriculture and the rural environment, as staff to facilitate collection and other work of pruning, removal pruning, treatments...

Providing all kinds of services for rural development.

Job counseling and processing of grants and aid.

Other actions of the Association is to promote other types of activity that can generate employment in relation to the rural and agricultural.

Environmental protection.

Through collaborative agreements with corporate structure (Municipalities, Associations, Cooperatives...), in the regeneration of the landscape and environmental protection, by conducting reforestation and silvicultural works, use of pruning and clearing.

Promoting agricultural products and indigenous areas of action.

Considering areas and most representative products of the same shall be made as promotional laborares more appropriate.

Attendance at trade shows and events, product launches, tastings...

Restore and maintain traditional values​​, cultural and gastronomic heritage of our country.

Through cooperation agreements with:

  1. In terms of values and traditions.
  • Musical groupings.
  • Festivities associations.
  1. In terms of cultural and heritage values.
  • Cultural associations.
  • Councils.
  • Colleges.
  • Sports associations.
  1. In terms of gastronomic values ​​of our territory.
  • Housewives associations.
  • Gastronomic associations.
  • Catering and accommodation.

Caring for our elders, youth, women and all those who need some kind of collaboration.

Through cooperation agreements with the City Council Social Services, Pensioners Associations, Associations of people with disabilities, youth and housewives.